Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quick Post!

Hi there! I remembered I should post at least twice a week so for this week, this is going to be post number one. This is going to be a quick one cause I'm at work. Heehee! XD

I'm supposed to blog something about the drama I just finished watching weeks ago called 49 Days but it's going to be a longer post so that would wait a while. Anyway, I saw its trailer on ABS-CBN but they apparently changed the title to Pure Love. I guess I should post my review about it before it airs locally. It's a good drama. A must-watch. :)

So there, I'll be back pretty soon with that blog post. I missed lots of people when I became inactive here. You guys know who you are! :) Unfortunately, I can't visit some of your blogs cause either your profiles are set to private or your blog's URL has changed. Please hit me back with your new links! ;)

Gotta go now. See ya around! ;)

Me and Pootat


his.wifeyyy said...

so nagblog ka kasi pinaalala ko? hahaha ayieee. miss u too! and yes, going strong although me away kagabi. pero ok lang. aahah

stella said...

how cud i not comment to this irresistible post?? :D i soo love your cat!!!!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

kumusta ka na..tagal din na hindi ka nag blog,hehe..

his.wifeyyy said...

hahaha ako na special! :]] and yessss. good thing ok na :)

Ceedee said...

I saw the trailer of that new korean soap too. And it seems very nice. :)

Anyway, I miss you much Ate Rich!!! And we'll see each other soon! Pag di nako busy. HAHA.

And! And! Naks sa braces!! I thought your scared -___-

Hugssssss :*

Harry said...

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