Sunday, June 26, 2011

...after several months

Okay, so how's everyone? XD

I know right, I've been MOA for about five months. Oh well, same old things, I'm busy or I'm just too lazy to update my blog. Gomen blog, gomen. ~_~

So yea, I think I will be back now. :) I promise I'll post updates as often as I could. I think I have too much stories to share now since I've been very quiet for a few months. I wish my readers won't get annoyed though... or do I still have readers? XD

Anyway, I hope my blogger friends are still visiting my blog. XD Expect at least three posts a week starting today. XD

See ya around! ^^


arrenzjay said...


Ceedee said...

Welcome back Ate Rich! I miss you! A lot!!! :))))

his.wifeyyy said...

rich! namiss kitaaa. asan na ung post mo na bago? :))

ooh and nagbago ako blog. hahah.
--geli. :)